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    When your text files are translated, you can easily download and use the text in whatever way you need. We process your data onsite for the transcription. Any data will be deleted after translation and will not be used for model improvement. Your data will never be shared with a third party and will be fully deleted after 48 hours.

    Review our example translations

    United Nations - Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    Translated from English into French by AI

    Here is what the critics say:

    The text follows very closely the structure and vocabulary of the original. The translation is faithful. The key legal and philosophical terms are well rendered in French (dignity, equality, freedom, justice, etc.). The solemn style and tone of the original are well preserved. The punctuation and layout allow for a smooth and clear reading. Overall this is overall a good translation, faithful to the content and style. There are minordetails that could be improved.

    Download Full (AI Translated) Universal Declaration of Human Rights in French.

    Declaration of the Rights of Man

    Translated from English into Russian by AI

    Here is what the critics say:

    Generally accurate translation of the overall meaning and key concepts using the appropriate formal register and legalistic language. Many important terms are translated thoughtfully (equality, liberty, oppression, sovereignty, etc). Overall, a solid translation of this important text into Russian, conveying the core meaning and principles accurately. With some polishing for style and precision, it could read more naturally and elegantly while still preserving the essence and spirit of the original Declaration.

    Download Full (AI Translated) Declaration of the Rights of Man in Russian

    Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice - Chapter One

    Translated from English into German by AI

    Here is what the critics say:

    The translation overall conveys the meaning and tone of the original German text well. The style and diction seem appropriate for an English version of a Jane Austen novel. The translation reads smoothly, with natural sounding English grammar and syntax. Key details about the characters, plot, and setting are accurately translated. The humor and wit of the interactions between Mr. and Mrs. Bennet come across nicely. The translation captures the essence of the passage and would provide an English reader with a good sense of the novel's narrative voice.

    Download Full (AI Translated) Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice - Chapter One into German

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