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What are the top 10 websites that pay you to write content in 2022

MoneyPantry - This site pays between $30 to $150 per post and welcomes writers at any level. They are looking for unique money-making or money-saving articles that would be of benefit to their audience.

Vibrant Life - This health and wellness-related website accepts submissions related to mental health, spirituality, healthy living, stress prevention, nutrition, and more. They prefer articles with a gender-neutral flair that attracts both male and female demographics.

iWriter - This platform offers opportunities for writers to upgrade their skills and earning potential while writing more. It offers four writing levels, including Standard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus. Accessing higher levels means higher-paying gigs.

nDash - This content platform allows writers to create a profile and pitch ideas for blogs, articles, and whitepapers to prospective clients. The average writing assignment on its platform pays between $175 to $450.

Skillshare - This platform allows teachers to monetize their knowledge by creating lectures, courses, explainer videos, and other educational materials. You can earn money through personal referral links for the Skillshare.

Writers Weekly - This website offers a 20 Websites That Pay You For Writing list that includes websites paying between $50 to $150 per article even for beginners. You could write an article every day for a month and make $3000.

Boys' Life - This general-interest monthly magazine pays its writers between $500 to $1200 for nonfiction articles up to 1200 words. Writing for one of its departments is also an option where you'd make $100 to $600 for a 600-word article.

ClearVoice - This content creation platform matches writers with brands and businesses in need of quality content. Writers can create portfolios showcasing their work, attracting potential clients.

DollarSprout - This website pays up to $450 per article and is looking for writers who can create high-quality, actionable content that provides value to its readers.

Get Paid to Write - This website offers a list of 16 sites that pay up to $1 per word for writers with firsthand business experience. They are looking for writers who can create content for the company blog or through a private newsletter.

These websites offer a range of opportunities for writers, from beginner to experienced, to earn money by writing content. So, whether you're looking to break into a career in writing or supplement your income, there are plenty of options to choose from.

AI-Powered PDF Translation: Fast, Cheap, and Accurate (Get started for free)